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Bahrain Mirror is an online independent Bahraini newspaper. It was established on May 13, 2011, by a group of Bahraini journalists and media persons to provide a free media platform that sheds light on the situation in Bahrain and Gulf Cooperation Council states, and to also have an effective oversight.

Bahrain Mirror believes in media social responsibility and thus is committed to providing content on issues of freedoms, peaceful democratic transition, human rights and coexistence in Gulf societies, based on the ethical principles of credibility, objectivity, and accuracy.

Thus, Bahrain Mirror newspaper aims, via its English and Arabic websites and all forms of journalistic materials they provide, including news articles, analytical reports, interviews, publications and more, at broadening the platform for free debate on these issues and reflecting pluralism of opinions, especially blacked out views, or those that don’t have enough chances to be issued via  print or audio-visual media outlets in certain countries.

Bahrain enjoys the biggest portion of coverage in Bahrain Mirror in view of the exceptional political and social conditions the country has been experiencing since 2011, and since it manifests a living example of the Gulf states’ need to allow peaceful means of change making democratic transition possible and a rational replacement of extremism.

In 2015, Reporters Without Borders listed Bahrain Mirror as one of the 9 websites banned in countries around the world as part of Operation Collateral Freedom, which aimed at providing access to the blocked sites. “Bahrain Mirror has established itself as one of Bahrain’s few independent news outlets,” said Reporters Without Borders, describing the e-newspaper.

Bahrain Mirror is a registered non-profit media outlet. It is temporarily operating from outside Bahrain. It is run by highly competent media professionals who closely follow up developments in the Gulf region and the challenges it encounters.

Contact us on: editor [@] bahrainmirror.com