• Editorial: Letter to Nasser bin Hamad, What does Excellence Mean to you?

    Perhaps it is natural and acceptable that the Crown Prince, owner of the "Crown Prince's International Scholarship Program", met the top students online, to deliver a national message on behalf of the state and his program.

  • Editorial: For Decision-Makers in Bahrain, Don't Rush to Empty Pockets of the Poor

    The Coronavirus pandemic and collapse of oil prices have had major effects on Bahrain's finances, but what is not acceptable is that the government compensates for its losses by taking from the citizens' pockets as Saudi Arabia has done.

  • Editorial: Are Volunteers Today in Fight against Coronavirus the Same Participants of 2011 "Al-Zar Party"?

    Are the volunteers today participating in combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the same as those who volunteered to take part in the (Honor Field), (Loyalty Swords) and (People's Committees) groups in 2011?

  • Editorial: Prison Is a Coronavirus Target and Political Prisoners Are Country's Immunity

    Coronavirus is changing the whole world. It is said that once this virus ends, the world won't be the same anymore. Those behind bars in Bahrain are victims of the pre-Coronavirus world. There is no political meaning for even keeping them imprisoned, as this only exhausts the government at a time when it needs to lift its burdens.

  • Editorial: Volunteering to Serve Bahrain in "Coronavirus Ordeal" an Honor Not to be Abandoned by Bahrainis

    The reality and true essence of a human being is revealed in crises and the most pure-hearted of people appear to treat the homeland as their first lover; whenever it needs them, it finds them at its beck and call no matter what happens.

  • Who's Responsible for Increase in Coronavirus Cases among Bahrainis Stranded in Iran?

    What does it mean when 77 out of 165 Bahrainis, nearly half of those returning from Iran to Bahrain as part of the first batch of the evacuation plan, have Coronavirus? This number is very worrying, perhaps was not expected at all.

  • King Hamad's Message to Shiites of Bahrain: You're Jaffaria Endowments' Citizens, Not Government's

    What happened today needs neither explanation, articles nor reports to shed light on the sectarian discrimination and persecution Bahraini Shiites are facing in their country.

  • Bahrain on 9th Anniversary of Feb. 14 Uprising: A Wasteland with No Future

    Nine years have passed since the eruption of the February 14 uprising. Only the name of Bahrain is left untouched; as the country has turned into a police state devoid of any political parties, opposition, independent civil organizations, a powerful legislative authority, journalists, voices, opinions or freedoms. It has become a country with no future.

  • Editorial: A Country Non-Governed by Politics

    Most countries of the world are run by politicians who evaluate situations every day and assess each stage. Decisions change based on data and developments. Daily life events are in continuous change, thus life progresses and the performance of governments around the globe and their approach to different issues shift based on variables, but what about us in Bahrain?

  • Editorial: Joy of Victory Incomplete

    Finally, everyone saw the tears of joy in the eyes of residents of the areas where the security services had brutalized, killed and besieged people for eight years.

  • A Bahraini Night: Between Cries of Abbas Al-Samie’s Mother and Celebration of Country’s Team Win

    Thursday night (December 6, 2019), while Bahrainis were enjoying a pleasure that clouded some of the awfulness of their unfortunate situation when their national team was qualified for the finals of Gulf Cup 19, there was a different scene taking place in a small Bahraini village, Al-Sanabis, village of martyr Abbas Al-Samei.

  • Editorial: A Prophecy in the Crown Prince's Office

    In 2004, the Bahraini Crown Prince sat with an outspoken Bahraini figure. Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa spoke of an economic project he wants to implement to reform the country, which was proposed to him by McKinsey.

  • Editorial: Ashura Isn’t Just a Black Cloth

    Ashura is not just a black cloth or merely a story, memory or tear. Under all this blackness, there is an idea, and ideas cannot be killed by bullets, nor extracted in interrogation, torture and detention chambers.

  • On Bahrain Independence Anniv.: Recalling Some of the Ruling Family's Deviation

    It is the 14th of August, this occasion marking Bahrain's independence does not pass, unless it brings with it the morally and politically deviant statement that the King of Bahrain launched from inside the British home in 2013, when he cited his father's dissatisfaction with Britain's decision to withdraw from Bahrain in 1971.

  • We’re Not Bigots But We Throw Stones Back

    We are not racists, but we are also not angels too to bear all of this persecution as if we are no one. It’s as if we have no voice or word and are a crushed minority that has no right to defend itself or clap back at those who insult it.

  • Bahrain Mirror: We’re the Sons of Abdul Qais, Who are You?

    It is not the country's indigenous people who are to be told to choose between acquiescing to a corrupt, despotic political system or to emigrate to Iran, Qatar or elsewhere. It is not the people of the country who have to emigrate or leave their land carved by the history of their ancestors and in which the roots of their origins extend to the tribe of Abdul Qais, thousands of years ago.

  • Editorial: Between the Destitute and the Executed

    You have stained your hands with our blood to the extent that we hate the sight or mention of your name. You have made us fall in despair, not from a change in our conditions, which is deemed a sinful form of despair, but despair of expecting anything good from your dismal face. Your face doesn’t bode goodness or exude even a false ray of hope. How dark and tyrannical you are!

  • Bahrainis Not at All United against “Al Jazeera” Film

    Bahraini government loyalists are bragging about how the people are allegedly united in confronting “What is Hidden is Worse” program aired by Al Jazeera channel.

  • Editorial: Samir Nass, Not for the People

    The testimony of the head of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry Samir Nass at the Public Prosecution on June 17, 2019 was not for the people (the Shia) who were degraded, insulted and publicly humiliated by sectarian slurs made by his personal legal adviser

  • Happy Eid to Prisoners

    People in Bahrain are not treated equally even in the morning of the Eid holiday that is celebrated with sweets, the scent of incense, joy and laughter of children and kisses on the grandparents’ foreheads.