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Manama Governor: Mourning Processions are Allowed as Precautionary Measures Will Be Taken for Over 50 Mosques

2015-07-05 - 3:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Governor of the Bahraini capital, Manama, Hisham bin Abdulrahman Al Khalifa, stated that "there is no decision preventing mourning processions commemorating the martyrdom of Imam Ali (pbuh) from being held, due to the terrorist attacks that have recently hit Saudi Arabia and Kuwait," stressing that the "ministry of interior will intensify security precautions in anticipation of any terrorist attack that might target the citizens."

"We hope that the commemoration be limited to indoor ceremonies inside the Hussainiyas and obsequies (Shiites religious centers). We took security measures, met on Wednesday (July 1, 2015) with the General Authority for Hussainya Processions in Manama and agreed on the organization process of mourning processions. We allow everyone to practice their religious rites as comfortably as possible. We; however, shall take the security measures that would protect them from any criminal terrorist acts.

During the meeting, we discussed the time the processions will begin and end and so on." He also pointed out that "the governorate and ministry of interior are cooperating and taking preemptive measures to protect more than 50 mosques, besides a significant number of churches, obsequies and others," stressing that they are "keen on protecting them."

The Manama governor further stated that "the security measures will focus on the mosques during Friday prayers since they embrace the largest number of worshipers and since the terrorist attacks that took place in sister countries happened at the same time and place," adding that "intensifying the protection of mosques on Friday does not mean that we will avoid them during other days. The ministry of interior will remain on alert to follow up measures around the mosques 24/7."

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