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Director of Scholarships in MoI: It's Normal That Top-Rank Students Don't Get Their First Choice

2015-07-27 - 3:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: In the second official reaction from the Ministry of Education against the media campaign launched by the high-rank students who were deprived of scholarships on a sectarian basis, the Director of Scholarships, Isa Abdulla Al-Kooheji, said that the biggest competition between the high-rank graduates was over the medicine scholarships, as hundreds of students chose the medicine option as their first choice. It was normal that not all students who chose medicine as their first choice. It's normal that not all the students who listed it as their first choice were granted scholarships, even if their grades were high.

Al-Kooheji added in a statement to the Al-Ayam newspaper, owned by the King's advisor Nabeel Al-Hamer, that "the country does not only need doctors, it needs university graduates in all the fields of engineering, education, commerce, banking, business, arts, and other majors as well. There are also scholarships for nursing, pharmacy, lab and X-ray studies for those who wish to have a scholarship in the field of medicine," noting that "the high-rank students who didn't get medicine scholarships, were granted scholarships in other important majors that the country is in need of."

He also indicated that Wednesday (July 22, 2015) will be the first day to finish the registration papers for the high school seniors of this year who were granted scholarships and the nominated ones for scholarships. They have to come to the general directorate of reviews department in the Ministry of Education in Isa town and get the required documents in the specified times."

For its part, Bahrain Mirror published a report about the discrimination practiced against Shiites regarding the distribution of scholarships, entitled "Massacre of Scholarships Destroys Ambitions of Shiite Youths: Top Students with 99% Ranks without Scholarships", before this topic turned into a hashtag to post the serious violations practiced against the top-rank students.

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