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Security Alert at Salmaniya Medical Complex Over Suspicious Object

2015-07-31 - 10:35 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Health said that the administration of Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex received a report on Wednesday morning (July 29, 2015) stating that a suspicious object was found in the complex's parking lot near the accidents and emergency department entrance. The administration immediately contacted the competent parties in the Ministry of Interior to take the immediate and necessary measures that would guarantee protecting the lives and security of those present in the complex at that time.

The ministry said that precautionary measures have been taken to protect the lives and security of those present there. When the Interior Ministry's bomb squad inspected the object and its components, it turned out to be a bag belonging to one of the doctors working at the medical complex and containing personal things.

Those in charge of the complex's administration pointed out that they called the doctor and questioned her about the reason why she left the bag there, which caused confusion to people arriving at the complex. The measures followed by the SMC administration in the event of such incidents were carried out.

Social media activists said that the Ministry of Interior had taken tight security measures in the perimeter of the SMC on Wednesday morning (July 29, 2015) and searched the persons entering and leaving the hospital without knowing the reasons behind this thorough inspection.

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