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Bahrain’s Justice Ministry to Distribute Prepared Friday Sermons Among Mosques

2015-08-18 - 3:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Under Secretary of the Bahraini Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, Fareed Al-Muftah, unveiled that the ministry is in the process of issuing a notice soon calling on the preachers to adhere to moderate religious discourse, and every preacher in mosques and places of worship to follow the regulations of religious discourse or else face the necessary measures that will be taken against whoever violates these regulations.

Al-Muftah announced that model speeches will be distributed among mosques during the coming period for the purpose of guiding and benefiting the preachers yet they will not be obligatory, indicating that the preparation of model speeches has began three months ago.

Al-Muftah pointed out that the aim of this is to make the preachers bear the responsibility of abiding by the regulations of religious discourse without violating freedom.

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