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Bahrain’s Reform & Rehabilitation Center Claims Detainee Habib Ali Habib Is Receiving Full Medical Care

2015-08-22 - 12:04 am

Bahrain Mirror: The acting director of Bahrain's Reform & Rehabilitation Center said that detainee Habib Ali Habib "is enjoying all rights stipulated by the reform and rehabilitation laws including full medical care. This is proved by his medical report that includes his periodic medical reviews, prescribed medications, besides a number of scheduled visits to specialized doctors during this month," adding that Habib's health condition is stable.

The acting director stressed that "the center is fulfilling its legal duty towards all detainees", calling on the media "to commit to professionalism, credibility and accuracy and not publish information subjectively."

The family of detainee Habib Ali Habib had spoken to media outlets about the condition of their son who underwent surgery to remove brain tumor before his arrest, calling on the authorities to provide him with the necessary health and medical care.

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