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Detainee Mahdi Abu Dheeb’s Health Seriously Deteriorates after Being Denied Treatment

2015-08-22 - 8:55 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Information emerged on Friday (August 21, 2015) confirming that the health condition of jailed president of the Bahrain Teachers Association, Mahdi Abu Dheeb, seriously deteriorated since he was denied continuing his treatment after sustaining a back injury from the torture he was subject to at the moment of his arrest (April 2011).

The information reveals that the administration of Jaw Prison refused to allow Abu Dheeb be admitted to a hospital to continue his treatment after he sustained injuries in his back and knees. This led to the deterioration of his health and he is currently incapable of moving and walking without assistance.

Jaw Prison inmates are being deprived of medical treatment. They have constantly warned of Abu Dheeb's critical health condition, holding the prison's administration accountable of the consequences of denying him treatment.

Abu Dheeb is serving a five-year sentence after being charged of "inciting violence". He was arrested following the eruption of the popular uprising that Bahrain witnessed in February and March 2011. Amnesty International; however, stated that it reviewed Abu Dheeb's statements and has seen no evidence that he ever advocated violence and no such evidence has been presented at trial. Amnesty has also repeatedly called for his release yet the Bahraini authorities did not respond to those calls.

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