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Bahrain’s Education Ministry Says Detained Students Will be Transferred to “Enrollment System”

2015-09-09 - 9:31 p

Bahrain Mirror: Commenting on information stating that about 300 detained students are being deprived of education in schools over political background, the Bahraini Ministry of Education said it is transferring all the detained students to an enrollment system.

In response to Al-Wefaq's statement, the Ministry of Education issued a statement in which it said that it is transferring all detained students to an enrollment system, which allows them to take the final exams and have a fair evaluation for their performance.

"The detained students are to be exempted from all the procedures of internal evaluation, as the education ministry, in coordination with the competent parties in the Ministry of Interior, will have the exams taken in the rehabilitation and reform centers providing them with the same environment the students in schools have," the Education Ministry claimed.

Al-Wefaq criticized in its statement the ongoing deprivation of about 300 students of education in schools, and demanded their release in order to guarantee their right to education.

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