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Health Ministry: 4 Labs Shut Down & More to be Closed to Reduce Expenditure

2015-10-17 - 7:06 p

Bahrain Mirror: Health Ministry health centres director Sima Zainal said that the ministry closed down four health laboratories in the health centres affiliated to the ministry due to low number of visitors, adding that "the Health Ministry within its framework of redirecting expenditure and reduce expenses has closed down a number of laboratories that there is no use of keeping them open in some of the health centres."

"The ministry will also close down a number of laboratories in a number of centres," Zainal said, adding that the ministry "shut down the night-shift laboratories of the Ibn Sina, Al-Hora, Bilad Al-Qadeem and Al-Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem health centres, while all the morning-shift laboratories are still open in these health centres."

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