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Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajir Urges UN to Interfere to Stop Death Sentences against Mohammad Ramadan & Hussein Mousa

 Mohammad Ramadan
Mohammad Ramadan

2015-11-19 - 3:27 am

Bahrain Mirror: Lawyer Mohammed Al-Tajir commented on the sentence issued by the Bahraini court of appeals on Monday (November 16, 2015) and the decision of the judge who upheld the death sentences against Mohammad Ramadan and Hussein Ali Mousa from Al-Dair and said: "I can't say anything else...Indeed; we have a great catastrophe in the country."

Al-Tajir added in a press statement that "The situation is now reversed, leaning towards the official side, and my view on what is happening is pessimistic. I am not optimistic any more that the death sentence would be repealed in the appeals".

"Bahrain is among the Arab countries that participated in meetings and conferences calling for abolishing the death penalty. It is true that we haven't witnessed the execution of a death penalty since 2009, yet we stress that executing them is conditioned to fair trials," he added.

"Since February 14, 2011 and until now, we have 7 people sentenced to death. Two of them are approved and the other 5 are waiting for the court of appeals to issue its final verdict in their case," Al-Tajir further stated.

Al-Tajir also said: "I think the UN should interfere to stop the execution. The Bahraini government has to admit that there is a political problem, which not solving it has led to a security problem and left injured people from both parties." He called for resorting to reasoning and issuing a general amnesty.

Asked whether he is suggesting that he has given up, he said: "I, personally, have nothing to say after the issuance of the final verdict. I couldn't present my complete pleading for the court refused to listen to me," stressing that the convicted Mohammad Ramadan "was in his work when the protest that coincided with the bomb was held. He didn't know whether or not he was able to leave his work an hour before the bomb blast. How could he have planned for the bomb attack?" he added.

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