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Kuwait Releases 3 Bahrainis Arrested Over Suspicion of Extremist Links

2015-12-24 - 3:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ambassador to Kuwait Khalifa Bin Hamad Al Khalifa said that the Kuwaiti authorities released on Sunday (December 20, 2015) three Bahrainis who were arrested on last Saturday "over suspicions".

The Ambassador stated that "the Kuwaiti authorities closed the case after checking the identification documents of the three Bahrainis and making sure they don't have any problem".

"Their release was a result of the actions taken by the Bahraini Embassy in Kuwait," he added.

The Kuwaiti press said on Saturday that "the security men in Al-Rabieh police station handed in three Bahraini to State Security after suspicions were raised against them during Friday prayers in Al-Rabieh Mosque in Kuwait, as the Bahrainis left the prayer suddenly and tried to get out in a suspicious way which raised the doubts of the security men who were in charge. When checking their documents, it turned out that they carry the Bahraini citizenship, and when asking them about the reason for leaving the prayer in this manner, they were confused about what raised the doubts of the security men. They were sent to Al-Rabieh police station and then to the State Security Bureau to thoroughly check their data and make sure they do not having links to any extremist groups".

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