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Bahrain Follows Saudi Arabia’s Suit & Suspends Flights to/from Iran

2016-01-07 - 12:20 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Civil Aviation Authority at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications announced on Wednesday (January 6, 2016) that all flights to and from Iran have been suspended.

The Civil Aviation Authority issued a statement saying: "In light of the decision taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain to sever diplomatic ties with Iran, it has directed the national carrier and other airlines to halt all flights to and from Iran".

The Civil Aviation Authority explained that the national carrier will take the necessary procedures in coordination with travelers to make sure travelers who have bookings will not be affected.

Since the Saudi forces' invasion of Bahrain, the Bahraini Government is following the suit of Saudi foreign policies; as Bahrain has announced the withdrawal of its ambassador from Qatar after a Saudi-Qatari crisis over the political scene in Egypt.

Bahrain has also announced its withdrawal from the Handball World Championship held in early 2015.

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