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Bahrain Public Prosecution Orders Investigation into Who’s Running Al-Wefaq Leader’s Twitter Account

2016-01-26 - 12:38 am

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Public Prosecution released on Sunday (January 24, 2016) Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society Secretary-General Sheikh Ali Salman after interrogating him over tweets published on his Twitter account.

It ordered launching the necessary investigations to identify who is running his personal Twitter account to refer the case to the competent criminal court, and returned Sheikh Salman to prison where he is serving a 4-year sentence.

Representative of the Capital Chief Prosecutor Mohammad Al-Maliki said that Bahrain's Public Prosecution had received a report from the General Directorate of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security that the Directorate managed to find an account on a certain social media outlet for the secretary-general of a political society who is currently serving a sentence in Central Prison, on which he published content that incites hatred against the regime, promotes disobedience of the law and calls for holding unauthorized protests.

The Al-Wefaq Secretary-General had sent tweets marking American freedom fighter Martin Luther King Day, in which he said: "Let's carry on the 2011 February 14 uprising because if we stop now, our country will be lost in tribal and sectarian discrimination for another 100 years. Our children will suffer from the persecution we lived for years."

"We don't want to defeat names and figures in Bahrain, we want to defeat greed and evil, and live like loving brothers on earth (...) What we strive for is a homeland that includes everyone equally", he added.

"We have to continue to work in Bahrain with love and peace to gain freedom, for it is not gained easily (...) Let us struggle, my loved ones, peacefully, and hold love for our political opponents. Let our hands stay clean as the majority of the people has done until now."

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