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Bahraini Authorities Summon Poet over Reciting Poem in Solidarity with Ebrahim Sharif

2016-03-30 - 3:30 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini authorities summoned the Bahraini poet Ahmad Al-Ajami for interrogation on Monday (March 28, 2016) at the Nabih Saleh Police Station, over reciting a poem on February 24 at the National Democratic Society (Wa'ad) headquarters.

Al-Ajami had recited a poem during a rally held in solidarity with the opposition leader Ebrahim Sharif.

Wa'ad society said that the summoning of Al-Ajami "comes as part of a crackdown launched against the freedom of opinion and expression as well as an attempt to suppress literary and artistic works, not to mention the crackdown on peaceful political activism which Wa'ad society adopts as well as the other democratic opposition groups."

"This policy doesn't serve anyone in Bahrain but rather provokes the political, security and social tensions which the country has been suffering from since more than five years ago," Wa;ad added.

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