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Bahraini Dies in Psychiatric Hospital after being Attack by Roomate

2016-06-18 - 9:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini national Ibrahim Ali Abdulrasoul Al-A'ali passed away yesterday on Friday (June 17, 2016), after a roommate assaulted him while he was receiving treatment at a psychiatric hospital.

The family called on the Public Prosecution and Health Ministry to open an investigation into the circumstances and causes of their son's death.

Al-A'ali is admitted to the hospital every once in a while to receive treatment for depression episodes, his family said, noting that "he was admitted to the hospital last weekend to continue his treatment."

The family further stated that the forensic experts informed them that his death was caused by suffocation, adding that he had beating marks on his body, a deep head wound and a broken arm.

His family were shocked by the incident, especially by the fact that it took place in a hospital in the presence of a medical staff. They demanded the authorities to launch an investigation into the death of their son, stressing that he was supposed to be safe and secure in the hospital and not the contrary.

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