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Prosecution: Red Marks around Neck and Bruises on Face of Killed Man in Psychiatric Hospital

2016-06-20 - 12:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: Manama's chief prosecutor Nawaf Al-Awadi said that "the Public Prosecution received a notice about a murder case inside the psychiatric hospital, as one of the convicts (a foreigner) placed in the hospital for treatment attacked a patient and killed him."

He added in a statement on Saturday (June 18, 2016) "the prosecution launched its investigations as soon as it received the notice. It went to the hospital and examined the corpse. It found red marks around the dead's neck as well as bruises on face. The prosecution also examined the scene, meanwhile, it ordered assigning a forensic doctor to examine the injuries in the corpse, their cause and date. It also listened to testimonies of number of officials and workers in the hospital."

Manama's chief prosecutor Nawaf Al-Awadi continued "the prosecution interrogated the suspect and remanded him. It ordered to present him to the specialized judge to consider putting him in the psychiatric hospital. Investigations are still carried on."

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