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Bahrain Arrests Tweeters for 15 Days Pending Investigation

2016-07-27 - 6:07 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Public Prosecution said that it ordered to remand a number of tweeters in custody for 15 day over charges of inciting hatred against the regime.

Chief Prosecutor Mohammed Al- Musallam said the Public Prosecution had received several notifications from the Cyber Crime Directorate on inciting hatred of the constitutional regime of Bahrain and calling for unauthorized rallies on social media accounts. The Public prosecution launched a probe with the suspects after arresting them and ordered to remand them in custody for 15 days pending further investigations.

In a separate case, the Public Prosecution launched an investigation with a suspect accused of setting up a fake account on social media and posting false blogs. The suspect admitted the charge, and the Public Prosecution remanded him in custody for 15 days pending further investigations after charging him with disseminating false information likely to undermine public order. Investigation are still ongoing to bring him to trial.

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