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Bahrain’s Ombudsman Office Says Opened Investigation into Al-Hayiki’s Death

2016-08-01 - 10:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Ombudsman General Secretariat announced today on Monday (August 1, 2016) that it launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of detainee, martyr Hassan Al-Hayiki, at the Salmaniya Medical Complex.

The Ombudsman office explained on Twitter that it received a report yesterday on Sunday (July 31, 2016) from the General Directorate of the Reform and Rehabilitation Center "pronouncing the demise of the detainee," adding that the investigations aims at looking into the accompanying circumstances of the incident."

Al-Hayiki's family had said yesterday that the security authorities informed it of its son's death, who was detained over the "Ekr Bombing" case.

The Interior Ministry announced the detention of Al-Hayiki on July 12, 2016, that is after announcing the Ekr blast Thursday night (June 30, 2016) that took place in the Eastern Ekr village.

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