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Ministry of Education Delays Disbursing Allocations for Scholarships Students in Jordan

2016-08-22 - 12:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: A group of scholarships students in Jordan affirmed that the ministry of education delayed the disbursement of scholarships allocations in August. The ministry should have disbursed the allocations on the first of August, however, it hasn't until now.

The ministry, in its turn, told the Al-Wasat local newspaper that it finalized the financial measures for these allocations and that students will receive them within the coming few days.

Students said "the ministry hasn't disbursed August's allocations and we contacted the cultural attaché in Jordan that affirmed that the Bahraini ministry of education hasn't transferred the money until now."

"We have waited until now, although we will be soon returning to Bahrain. Accommodation owners are asking the students to pay the rentals. We have become unable to pay for transportations, food and other necessary requirements," they added.

Students continued "our families are not responsible for such things. They can't afford paying. We were sent by scholarships and the ministry is to pay us." 

The students stressed that their life has been brought to a halt. They can't pay for transportation or food. The allocations have been delayed for over two weeks, students are asking will the allocations be disbursed or not?

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