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GFBTU Calls on Government to Facilitate Passage of Workers and Teachers From and to Diraz

2016-08-30 - 9:09 p

Bahrain Mirror: The General Federation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain (GFBTU) stressed that the business owners and workers are facing difficulties due to the security measures imposed on Diraz, stating that these difficulties will increase as the scholastic year begins.

The union called on the government to facilitate the entrance and exit of labors and teachers working in Diraz.

The union said that "workers, including those who are from Diraz, are facing difficulties when returning to their homes after long day of work. Those who work in shifts systems are the most to face such difficulties," adding that "problems will double with the beginning of the new scholastic year."

"The current situation, which has been ongoing since 70 days, requires an emergent evaluation and providing the needed facilitation for the entrance of teachers and workers," GFBTUadded.

It continued "the presence of 4 schools and 5 nurseries constitutes a challenge that we have to confront with love and responsibility."

GFBTU stressed that "many workers or expatriates have become unable to make use of the Internet service for communication, as the communication companies are repeatedly cutting off the service in Diraz."

The union commented saying that all people are suffering and not only workers. Some of the shop owners were even forced to close their shops due to restriction in bringing in the supplies and lack of customers.

The General Federation of Workers Trade Unions in Bahrain congratulated Bahrainis on the beginning of the scholastic year, hailing the efforts exerted by the ministry of education and all its educational and administrative staff.

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