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Saudi Lawyer Leads Case Against Bahrain Journalist Mohammad Al-Shorouqi in Bahraini Courts

2016-09-05 - 7:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Saudi "News 24" website stated that a Saudi lawyer is leading a case against Bahraini journalist Mohammad Al-Shorouqi in Bahraini courts, for charges of insulting Saudi scholars.

The website explained, "The Bahraini prosecution received the electronic evidence submitted by a Saudi lawyer against a Bahraini journalist who offended Saudi scholars on his personal social media platforms on Twitter, Instagram, and in many TV interviews." The website stated on Saturday (September 3, 2016), "The public prosecution referred the electronic evidence to the Information Center, in preparation for the next hearings. The prosecution also spent three hours listening to the statements made by the Saudi lawyer Othman Al-Otaibi, who led a case against journalist Mohammad Al-Shorouqi for repeatedly offending Saudi scholars, their religious approach and linking it to Takfiris and extremists [of ISIS].

According to the website, "The Saudi lawyer's demands included the full conviction of the Bahraini journalist, for the damage he caused to Muslims, due to his fabrications that he claims are proved, and linking ISIS to the Sunnis."

The Bahraini Public Prosecution opened an investigation in a case in which a Bahraini media person insulted Saudi clerics, following a notice submitted by the Saudi lawyer Othman Al-Otaib, demanding holding the journalist accountable for his abuses.

The official notice included "voice evidence of the Bahraini media person in which he challenged the Salafi beliefs, stressing that the West has developed on the levels of technology, society and economy, while the Arab Muslim world is still discussing the thought of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Baz, Ibn Othaimin and Mohammad bin Abdulwahab."

The notice also mentioned that the defendant also described them with terms that do not suit their religious position, which would lead to inciting hatred, and endangering civil peace and security".

Al-Otaibi said he aims through these voluntary pleadings to "stop those who are trying to sow discord among Muslims, through the deliberate distortion of the approach of the Sunnis, and insult the Islamic symbols, scholars and sheikhs". He further pointed out that he has other files and cases that are under preparation.

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