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160 Lawyers Call for Challenging Justice Minister's Decision to Raise Fees on Them

2016-09-21 - 12:05 am

Bahrain Mirror: More than 160 lawyers in Bahrain signed an appeal to file lawsuit at the Administrative Court to appeal a decision by the Minister of Justice and Islamic Affairs, to raise fees on attorneys. Their appeal seeks to revoke the decision and provide an urgent request to stop the implementation of the decision, until the court issues a ruling to revoke it.

According to local al-Wasat newspaper, around 160 lawyers gathered Sunday Morning (September 18, 2016), and expressed their discontent and rejection of the decision to raise fees on lawyers, describing it as an imposed "levy" forced on them.

Some of the lawyers; however, noted the importance of adopting decisive steps to resolve this issue, even if it meant launching an open strike or demonstration outside the Ministry of Justice. They explained that this decision increases financial burdens on senior and new lawyers who practice this profession.

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