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Bahrain’s Clerics: Attacking Ashura Processions is “Wrong & Cowardly” Move, People Won't Abandon their Holies

2016-10-03 - 11:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Clerics in Bahrain denounced the Bahraini security authorities over their removal of Ashura banners and flags, deeming this move "wrong and cowardly". They further stated that it's an attack on "the religion and its rituals" that undermines "the basics of the religion and nation that have been deep-rooted for hundreds of years."

In a statement issued on Sunday (October 2, 2016), the religious scholars described the action taken by the Bahraini regime as "vengeance against the opposing opinion".

They added that Ashura represents "a sacred ritual for Shia," stressing that the people "will not abandon their religion and identity to be violated by mercenaries."

The clerics called on the people of Bahraini to "attend the Husseini (Ashura) obsequies and processions "to defend the religion" and to widely address the issue of the authorities' targeting of the sect this Ashura season.

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