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Ministry of Health: 6 Resignations Submitted in ER Department in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex since Onset of 2016

2016-10-05 - 7:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Assistant Undersecretary for Hospital Affairs Waleed Al-Manea stressed that a number of people working in the emergency department in Al-Salmaniya Medical Complex submitted their resignations, explaining that the ministry asked the human resources department to recruit new employees, however, it is difficult to hire people now due to the budget.

Al-Manea downgraded the importance of these resignations, saying that "they happen each year. The department witnesses various changes for being vital."

He added "6 resignations were submitted in the department since the beginning of the year. We asked the human resources to recruit people, however, it is somehow difficult to hire new employees amid the current conditions, due to the budget from one side and difficulty to convince the consultant or specialist to work in the emergency department due to hardness of working in this department from another side."

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