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Bahraini Society Against Normalization Refuses Hosting FIFA Congress in Presence of Israeli Delegates

2016-10-16 - 11:44 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Society Against Normalization with the Zionist enemy said that it watched "with concern" the news circulated on social media networks that Bahrain has accepted to host the FIFA Congress, after Malaysia refused, because two Israelis will be taking part in the event.

In a statement issued Saturday (October 15), the Bahraini anti-normalization society added, "The circulated news confirmed that Malaysia had refused to host the aforementioned meeting because of the Zionist delegation. The society values this step, and congratulates the Malaysian people and their government for this brave step that is worthy of complete respect."

"All Arab government, including the government of the Bahraini Kingdom, ought to conform to the people's will in boycotting the unjust entity," the society added in its statement.

On his part, the assistant Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Youth and Sports, Abdulrahman Sadeq Askar, believed that Bahrain hosting the FIFA congress of 2017 would confirm its status as the preferred destination for hosting the biggest sports events and gatherings.

Askar added that hosting the 2017 FIFA congress is a new sports benefit for Bahrain, as it would promote the country's status on the global sports map.

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