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Health Ministry: Penalty for Misusing Social Media May Reach Dismissal from Work

2016-11-20 - 2:04 am

Bahrain Mirror: Social media activists circulated a notice issued by the Bahraini Health Ministry undersecretary Aisha Buanq calling for commitment to government decision issued on August 15, 2016.

The notice, dated October 31, 2016, addressing directorate and department heads at the ministry states that according to ministerial decision no.2374-18 issued on August 15: All ministries and state institutions are required to revise all legislations related to their field of specialities, and amend them in a fashion that would guarantee the privacy of individuals and prevent the violation of privacy by the misuse of social media outlets (...) and spreading of photos, videos or other materials about them without their consent..."

The ministry further stated that the misuse of social media is considered "a computer-related violation which is punishable by law," noting that "the penalty may reach up to unpaid suspension from work or dismissal."


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