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UK Charity Commission Investigates Complaint against ISIS Regarding Receiving £25m from Bahrain

2016-12-09 - 11:25 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: The UK Charity Commission has confirmed it is investigating a complaint filed against a London-based think-tank into whether it compromised its independence by accepting confidential financing from Bahrain.

A Leaked document has revealed that the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) received £25m from Bahrain over the last five years.

"There is not a legal requirement to disclose the identity of donors," a Charity Commission spokesperson told Al Jazeera over the phone. "Charity organizations' decisions must be made independently from the donors."

The commission - which regulates the operation of charities in the UK, as IISS is registered - received the complaint on Wednesday.

Bahrain Watch organization that disclosed the document said "We don't know the full extent [of Bahrain's funding] - these are just the projects that we know of - it could be higher."

The institution, that has offices in Bahrain, organizes the Manama Dialogue forum in which officials from different countries meet to discuss security issues.

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