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Al-Wefaq Describes 9-Year Prison Sentence against Secretary General as “An Adventure”

2016-12-13 - 3:18 am

Mirror Bahrain: Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society said that the Bahraini regime's step to uphold a 9-year imprisonment sentence against national opposition leader, and Secretary General of al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman (Monday December 12, 2016), is "an adventure" which further aggravates the political, economic, and human rights situation.

Deputy Secretary-General of al-Wefaq, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi said, "The sentence against the opposition leader came to the sight and hearing of the British ally, days after British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Bahrain. Her visit was considered by local and international human rights organizations as one that aimed at supporting and encouraging the authorities to commit more human rights abuses and violations in Bahrain, against those who demand democratic change, justice, and freedom."

Al-Daihi indicated in a statement, "This step came to confirm again the growing political crisis, lack of political consensus, and the distance between government and the Bahraini people."

Moreover, he stressed, "These verdicts will only make our people more determined and dedicated to their just popular demands, despite the sectarian persecution practiced by the regime against the population majority, to deter them from demanding their humanitarian rights."

Sheikh al-Daihi further stressed that "the political goals behind these unjust trials will fail, and the national opposition will not retreat from its legitimate aspirations in achieving radical democratic change."

"Sheikh Ali Salman and his companions will continue their path in struggling for their religion, people, and country. This regime does not represent anything to him, as he is confident that victory will prevail for our faithful and scarifying people, and he is confident in God's promise of victory to the oppressed and vulnerable people," he confirmed.

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