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“Wa’ad” Demands Release of Sheikh Salman, Says Verdict Increases Political Complications

2016-12-15 - 11:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society "Wa'ad" demanded the release of Bahraini opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, and writing-off his case in court.

In a statement (Wednesday December 14, 2016), Wa'ad indicated that the appeals court verdict upholding the 9-year imprisonment sentence against Sheikh Salman "increases the complication of the political scene".

The Bahraini opposition society went on to say, "The continuous draining of the political crisis is wide open, this therefore led to the augmentation of the economic and livelihood crisis in the country." "This therefore imposes that the official parties present serious initiatives and steps to cool the local arena, by releasing Sheikh Ali Salman, and all prisoners of opinion and conscience, on top of which are children, women, students, and elderly", Wa'ad added in its statement.

"[The authorities] should reconsider issuing harsh verdicts, halt the citizenship revocation policy against detainees, based on the political crisis," it further stated.

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