Appeals Court Upholds 6-Month Prison Verdict Against Appellants Accused of Destroying Security Cameras in Al-Khaif Mosque

2016-12-16 - 11:17 p

Bahrain Mirror: The second High Criminal Court of Appeals, presided over by Judge Bader Al Abdullah, and with the membership of Judges Wajih al-Shaer and Oman al-Saidi, and secretariat of Mubarak al-Anbar, rejected the appeal of two defendants who were not present in court. The court dropped their right to appeal to the case charging them with breaking the door of "Al-Khaif" Mosque in the town of Al-Dair, and destroying the security cameras there.

The small Criminal Court had issued a verdict against the two appellants, along with a third defendant, ruling a 6-month prison sentence against them, and a 500 Dinar bail. They were also forced to pay the value of damages costing 1,650 Dinars. The verdict acquitted other defendants accused of the same charges.

Bahrain's Interior Ministry exploited the ISIS threats against the Shiite majority in Bahrain, and installed security cameras. Activists believed that the aim of these cameras was to spy on the opposition in mosques, squares, and streets surrounding these mosques, which therefore led to a vast rejection by residents of different Bahraini areas.

After the installation of security cameras at the "Al-Khaif" Mosque, the residents protests and said these cameras can easily see into the houses near the Mosque, thus believing it to be a violation of privacy. The residents asked the Interior Ministry to remove the cameras, yes the Ministry refused to do so.

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