Bahraini Court Finds Officer, Five Policemen Innocent of Torturing Detainee

2016-12-24 - 6:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Supreme Court of Appeal found innocent a police officer and five policemen, in the case of torturing a defendant, after his story contradicted before the prosecution, court, and special investigation unit, with that of his brother, who was the second witness.

The court rejected the appeal of the victim along with the public prosecution, while the first instance court rejected the civil suit and imposed its plaintiff to pay the fees, with 20 dinars for attorney fees.

According to the court, there was a huge contradiction between what the plaintiff said happened during torture and the wounds it caused him, and what photos and medical reports showed.

The court ruled that this contradiction causes suspicion, mistrust, and ambiguous nature to the case, in addition to the uncertainty regarding the injury of the victim; how he received it and what it effects were.

Moreover, the court papers believed that case documents lacked any absolute evidence that could be dependable, and therefore the court ruled in favor of the policemen and officer's innocent, in accordance with Article 255 of the criminal procedures law.

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