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644 Dinars for Work Permit 2-Year Renewal if Bahrainization Rate Not Achieved

2016-12-27 - 5:55 p

Bahrain Mirror: Secretary General of the General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions, Hassan Halwachi, said the fees for renewing work permits for 2 years will be 644 Dinars for 2 years, and 472 Dinars for 1 year. He added that this applies in the case where the employer did not achieve the imposed Bahranization rate in the institution.

Minister of Labor and Social Development, Jamil Humaidan, stated that the employer who did not achieve the rate of Bahrainization and wanted to attain an additional work permit, then he would have to pay 300 Dinars for that, in accordance with the Bahranization system. However, the Minister added that during the period of work permit renewals, the employee is ought to pay 300 Dinars for each permit, with a 2-year renewal fee of 344 Dinars.

Moreover, he then clarified that the goal behind this decision is to motivate all institution in Bahrain to hire Bahrainis, indicating that the higher the foreigners' salary rates are, the more the Bahraini become an asset for employers.

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