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Trade Unions: Any Change in Social Insurance System without Referring to Worker “Illegitimate”

2016-12-30 - 9:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: The General Federation of Bahrain Trade Unions (GFBTU) said it is following up with great interest the rumored, mysterious, disclosed trends by some parties to make changes in social protection and social insurance systems.

The Federation was surprised changes that might affect the rights of the insured would take place, in the absence of any kind of labor partnership in the Regulatory Authority, and as imposed by law. The workers are still excluded from decision-making since 2011, despite 3 years passing on the last Royal decree ordering the establishment of the Regulatory Authority; Decree No. 18 of 2013, and naming who represents workers in the Regulatory Authority.

Moreover, the Federation believed that any decision taken in the absence of the "first party of interest" in the Authority, which is the workers, then it is an "illegitimate" decision. It added that such a decision would lack fairness and social partnership, regardless of its content.

"This unilateral nature of decision-making is a clear violation of the constitution, law, and international labor standards, especially in regards to the tripartite consultation. It is also contrary to the spirit and texts of political leadership directions not to affect the insurance rights, and to consult with the workers and the community", the Federation went on to say.

The GFBTU criticized the adopted mystery and secrecy policy instead of conducting real dialogue between all parties of production and of society, regarding any updates in the Social Protection System in Bahrain.

It also called on the instant and urgent implementation of laws giving the workers representation rights on the decision-making table at the Regulatory Authority. It further stressed that the law should be amended to state efficiency in representing production parties, in a way that absolute sovereignty does not lie in the hands of the government.

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