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14000 People Sign Petition Issued by Reprieve Demanding to Stop Execution of Mohammad Ramadan

2017-01-25 - 10:37 p

Bahrain Mirror: The British Reprieve Organization published a petition on its website saying that "we have to do everything we can to save the man who may be next Mohammed Ramadan after the authorities executed on Sunday (January 15) three men - the first executions in the country for six years."

The signatories have become 14,376 so far.

The petition says that Ahmad, 7 years old, asks Theresa May to help him remove his father's name, Mohammad, from the death penalty list.

Reprieve called on Bahrain to stop executing its political opponents and urged the UK Government to end its assistance to Bahrain's death penalty system and take steps to prevent Mohammad's execution.

"The UK government has provided 5 million pounds in 4 years to the system that made these executions possible - training police officers, prosecutors, and even the death row guards. In Mohammed's case, Bahrain's UK-trained torture investigator refused to investigate his torture allegations for two whole years. During that period, he was sentenced to death in a trial that relied on torture confessions," the organization further stated.

Reprieve published the stories of Abbas Al-Samie, Ali Al-Singace and Sami Mushaima, indicating that they are victims of horrific human rights abuses, not criminals. The Bahraini authorities refused to tell the families of the victims in their last visit whether their sons will be executed or not.

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