Third Letter to Abbas Al-Samie and his Companions

2017-01-28 - 6:58 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Here we are Abbas Al-Samie, on the final day of your funeral ceremony (Wednesday January 18, 2017). Your mourners were there in a majestic turnout that befits you and your companions. They stood in long queues stretched outside the obsequy hall into the alleys where you played as a kid, and the squares where you protested as a youth. The area is now adorned with candles and coated with black banners. The queues stretch out into your village of Sanabis, which has not seen a calm day since it rose in the 1950s; as it is a station for demanding reforms, staging constant protests, and sacrificing martyrs. On this Bahraini piece of land, there is something worth celebrating.

These mourning crowds were not summoned by your blood, and that of your companions Ali Al-Singace and Sami Mushaima, but were rather summoned by the life you made together. It seems these crowds are crowning you at the forefront ahead of all the martyrs who took a the same path.

Dear Abbas, here we are moving back and forth between the Sanabis obsequy and Haj Ahmad bin Khamis Hussainia. There is no doubt you studied in one of them, when you were young, attended Ashura elegies, and embraced the story of Karbala. You have become my dear Abbas, with your companions, a chapter from the Story of Karbala. Mourners at your memorial elegy cried their hearts out as the preacher (Mullah) recited one of [Karbala] scenes and visualized you therein.

The memory of this national Hussainia is worthy of you. Here, the first national cross-sect gathering, established under the title "National Union Committee", was held. In line with this memory, your photos were raised at the heart of the Hussainia, and the slogan "Execution of a Nation" was chosen to reflect this great loss.

Rest assured our beloved Abbas that behind those crowds, there were hearts that did not make it to this memorial service. These hearts wept over you and over the nation. They are the hearts of Bahraini nationals from all walks of life. We would not be exaggerating when telling you that the tragedy of your martyrdom brought the hearts of the nation together, Sunnis and Shiites alike. We will; however, not tell you of those filled with hatred and arrogance. We will only tell you of those who were raised by this pure and kind land. Many of them canceled private events that were planned for those days out of grief and respect for your innocent blood that was spilled.

Dear Abbas, your mother was greatly proud of you. Whenever she mentioned your name she would refer to you as "the teacher"; you have become a teacher who granted us pride and reassurance. As for your mother, dear Ali, she was proud of your name, telling the mourners stories about you, since you were little; until you became a martyr. You have made a dream she saw come true. With your martyrdom, you purified her pain, worry, and fear over you. As for your mother dear Sami, the renowned slogan "I see nothing but beauty", has become her motto, as she saw in your martyrdom the beauty she had awaited.

Rest assured all of you, today we ended the memorial elegies, and opened your record of immortality, sealed by all those people who came to name you the "crowns of the nation". Today we broke the tyranny of the regime's media, which sought staining your name and adding you to its terror blacklist. We; however, sought adding you on the nation's record of martyrdom, struggle and dream of a country for all.

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