Administrative Court Rejects to Cancel Minister of Interior’s Decision that Revokes Citizenships of 8 Citizens

2017-02-24 - 11:38 p

Bahrain Mirror: The High Administrative Court presided over by Judge Jouma'a Al-Mousa and memberships of judges Mohammad Toufic, Tariq Abdulshakour and Mohammad Al-Dousaqi and Abudullah Ibrahim as a secretariat, rejected the case brought by 8 people, demanding to cancel the decision of the Minister of Interior that revokes their citizenships.

The plaintiffs (Mariam Al-Sayed Ibrahim, Ismail Khalil Darwish, Ibrahim Khalil Darwish, Adnan Ahmad Ali Haji, Habib Darwish Mousa Ghaloum, Al-Sayed Abdulnabi Abdulrida Al-Mosawi, Sayed Abdulamir Abdulrida Al-Mosawi and Sayed Mohammad Ali Abdulrida) brought a case demanding to cancel the minister of interior's decision that revokes their citizenships, bind the defendant to pay the fees of the case and that of the attorney.

The plaintiffs said that the defendant- Minister of Interior- issued a decision revoking their citizenships. However, the plaintiffs said that this decision violates the citizenship law.

The court said that the Bahraini Constitution bans revocation of Bahraini citizen except in betrayal cases and other circumstances specified by the law. The Bahraini Citizenship Law was issued in 1963 and allowed revocation of Bahraini citizenship with a royal order in several cases, like harming the security of the State.

The interior ministry order revoking his citizenship was published by state news agency BNA. It cited "section C of article 10 of the citizenship law which allows citizenship to be revoked if one caused harm to state security". Thus the citizenships of the below listed were revoked:

1.  Abdulamir Abdulrida Ibrahim Al-Mosawi

2.  Saeed Abdulanabi Al-Shahabi

3.  Ibrahim Ghaloum Hussein Karimi

4.  Jaafar Ahmad Jassim Al-Hisabi

5.  Ali Hassan Ali Hassan Mushaimi

6.  Abdulraouf Abdullah Ahmad Al-Shayeb

7.  Mousa AbdAli Ali Mohammad

8.  Abass Abdulaziz Naser Omran

9.  Mohammad Mahmoud Jaafar Al-Khiraz

10.  Kassim Bader Mohammad Hashem

11.  Hassan Amir Akbar Sadiq

12.  Sayed Mohammad Ali Abdulrida Al-Mosawi

13.  Abdulhadi Abdulrasoul Ahmad Khalaf

14.  Alawi Saeed Sayed Ali Sharaf

15.  Hussein Abdulshaheed Abass Hubail

16.  Hussein Mirza Abdulbaqi (Sheikh Hussein Al-Najati)

17.  Khalid Hamid Mansour Sanad (Sheikh Mohammad Sanad)

18.  Kamal Ahmad Ali Kamal

19.  Ghulam Khairullah Mohammad Mohammadi

20.  Mohammad Ibrahim Hussein Ali Fathi

21.  Sayed Abdulnabi Abdulrida Ibrahim Al-Mosawi

22.  Taimour Abdulnabi Jomaa Karimi

23.  Mohammad Rida Mortada Ali Abed

24.  Habib Darwish Moussa Ghaloum

25.  Ibrahim Ghaloum Abdulwahab Abass

26.  Mariam Al-Sayed Ibrahim Hussein Rida

27.  Abdulamir Abdulrida Ibrahim Al-Mosawi

28.  Ibrahim Khalil Darwish Ghaloum

29.  Ismail Khalil Darwish Ghaloum

30.  Adnan Ahmad Ali Kamal

31.  Jawad Fairouz Ghaloum Fairouz

32.  Jalal Fairouz Ghaloum Fairouz


"The interior minister will take the necessary measures to implement that, in light of the kingdom's commitment to preserve national security and in line with the kingdom's commitments to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Anyone who has an objection should resort to the jurisdiction" it said.

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