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Shiite Cleric Transferred to Dry Dock Prison after Month of Detention in Criminal Investigation Building

2017-03-07 - 10:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: The security authorities transferred prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Qashaami along with his son Abu Al-Fadel to Dry Dock prison after detaining them for about a month in the Criminal Investigation Building (the intelligence), according to Al-Qashaami's daughter "Bentalhuda".

The authorities raided the house of Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Saleh Al-Qashaami and arrested him along with his son "Abu Al-Fadel" and daughter Amira on February 9, on the background of hiding wanted over political cases.

State media outlets published photos of Al-Qashaami, his son and daughter, claiming that they belong to terrorist cell.

Al-Qashaami (65 years) is known for his stances that support the pro-democracy movement that started in February 2011.

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