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Photos: Al-Wefaq Launches ďA Plea of a CountryĒ Book in Beirut

2017-03-11 - 4:45 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wefaq Society, along with other Arab and Lebanese movements, launched on Thursday (March 9, 2017) in Beirut, the book "A Plea of a Country" (Arabic version). The book contains the texts of pleas written by Bahraini opposition leader, Sheikh Ali Salman, in response to accusation addressed at him by the Bahraini government.

Sheikh Salman, who's serving a 9-year prison sentence, sent a letter to his deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, in which he expressed gratitude for the work in this regard.

"I send you, from behind bars, my greetings and sincere gratitude for this great work and achievement," Sheikh Salman's letter read.

"I urge you to continue this path, despite its hardship, until the dawn of freedom and dignity breaks, after a night of pain, and we shall meet soon," the detained al-Wefaq Secretary General further added in his letter.

In an opening speech, Former Al-Wefaq MP, Sheikh Hassan Sultan, said that Sheikh Ali Salman wrote the text of "A Plea of a Country" during 5 months while he was kept in in preventive detention. He noted that the court did not allow Sheikh Salman to read out his plea.

He also said that Sheikh Ali describes in his plea the reality of political crisis in Bahrain, saying that the country suffers from monopolization of power by a few members.

Sheikh Sultan also referred to the trial of religious leader, Ayatollah, Sheikh Isa Qassim, and stressed that he is being tried without any legal basis. He further stressed that as the Bahraini authorities are targeting the Khums ritual, citizens now are all accused until proven innocent.

For his part, Arab Parties Conference Secretary General, Qassim Saleh called for the support of Bahraini people, reiterating that the Bahraini government crackdown to force Bahrainis to withdraw demands is only increasing their steadfastness.

On another note, Head of the Resistance Scholars Union Sheikh Maher Hammoud addressed the Bahraini rulers saying, "The strength of your power lies in people participating in what they believe in."

He denounced the lack of support to the Bahraini people in their legitimate demands, because they are Shiites, describing this pretext as "ignorance". Moreover, Sheikh Hammoud wondered what the GCC countries' project in the region is, referring that it is built by the orders of the USA and the Zionists.

On another hand, Lebanon's Free Patriotic Movement Representative Bassam Al-Hachem said, "I found the people of #Bahrain a steadfast nation with faith in its cause against unjust authorities."

"Despite crackdown and detentions, Bahraini people showed perseverance in their path under their leadership," Al-Hachem went on to say.

The Parliamentary Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc Member Nawwaf Moussawi said that "launching "A Plea of a Country" is a chance to express complete support to the Bahraini people."

Moussawi revealed that Sheikh Ali Salman had asked Syrian president Bashar Assad, who was on good terms with Bahraini King (Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa), to mediate and solve the political crisis. He noted that President Assad has exerted efforts in this regard.

In addition, MP Moussawi said that the Bahraini authorities' crackdown policy against the Bahraini people might reach a point that cannot be mended.

He finally wondered, "The leadership that decided to launch the war on Yemen is paying the price. Is it ready to pay the price in Bahrain?"

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