3-Year Prison Verdict for Two Defendants over Illegal Assembly Charges in Karzakan

2017-03-14 - 1:03 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Third Minor Criminal Court issued a verdict sentencing two defendants to 3 years in prison. The defendants were accused of illegal assembly, damaging vehicles owned by Ministry of Education, and exposing private transportation to danger, in the Bahraini town of Karzakan.

Authorities claim that a Ministry of Interior employee working on after mid-night school patrols in the town of Karzakan, was surprised to see a road blocked with stones and wood. He unmounted the vehicle to remove the obstacles, and claimed two masked individuals threatened him they would attack him and burn the car if he wouldn't leave. He then hid inside the car in the schoolyard, after he feared there would be an ambush waiting ahead. He said the masked individuals then hurled rocks and wood at the car and damaged it.

Authorities claim their reached both defendants based on investigations.

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