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Royal Court Minister Launches Consultations to Nominate NIHR Commissioners

2017-03-14 - 4:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: Royal Court's Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa has started consultations to nominate National Institute for Human Rights (NIHR) commissioners who must meet the preset terms and conditions, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported

The agency added that the nominations shall be in compliance with Royal Order 17/2017, and all the nominees should collectively have a clear record in serving the community and in boosting and protecting human rights, with prominent local, regional and activities in the field as well as keenness on pro-rata representation of women and minorities.

Conditions for the nomination included the individual to be of a higher education level, with knowledge of an additional UN official language other than the Arabic. Moreover, the nominees should have clear contributions in the field of human rights, and individuals who will be appointed in academic committees, should be at least assistant professors.

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