Court Sentences Youth to 10 Days in Prison and 30 BD Fine for Acquiring Sword used in Mourning Ceremonies without License

2017-05-12 - 8:40 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Third High Criminal Court presided over by judge Rashid bin Ahmad Al Khalifa and memberships of judges Ayman Mohran and Walid Al-Azimi and Mobarak Al-Anbar as a secretariat upheld a verdict imprisoning a youth for 10 days and fining him 30 BD for acquiring a sword without a license.

The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of obtaining a sword on November 4, 2014 without a license from the Minister of Interior.

After a mourning procession in Manama ended, the suspect was heading to his car at 12:15 PM having one sword with him. Police stopped him near a hotel near Bab Al-Bahrain and told him that he can't hold a weapon in public place without obtaining a license.

The first-instance court sentenced him to 10 days in prison, fined him 30 BD and ordered the confiscation of the seized sword. The suspect, however, challenged the verdict. The court accepted his appeals in from, yet rejected it in content and upheld the issued verdict.

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