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Index on Censorship: Adam Nabeel Rajab talks about his Father's "Unbreakable Spirit"

2017-06-03 - 11:51 p

Bahrain Mirror: Adam Rajab, the son of the prominent Bahraini human rights activist, says his father "is sacrificing himself to see a country which respects human rights", he said in an interview with Index on Censorship.

On 8 April, the activist's family expressed concern that an open wound from surgery is at risk of infection due to the unhygienic conditions of his cell at East Riffa Police Station.

It has not been clear what kind of treatment Nabeel Rajab is receiving in jail, but Adam Rajab explained that although the police clinic gives "good" treatment, "after the surgery in the military hospital he went through inhumane degrading treatment and he was transferred back to solitary confinement".

Even the doctors were shocked when Nabeel Rajab was transferred to the Public Security Forces Clinic in Qalaa because under normal circumstances he would have been kept in hospital for a longer period, Adam Rajab explains. "My father is healing from painful surgery, but his health is deteriorating largely due to the conditions he is being kept in."

He says that the real reason his father is being kept behind bars "is that they can't risk having him out during this critical time in Bahrain, where severe human rights violations are being committed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the mighty state fears the voice of one man, and can't stand having him out".

Despite the deteriorating situation in his country and his current imprisonment, Adam Rajab says his father's spirits are always high and filled with hope. He says Nabeel Rajab is well aware of the immense support he is receiving around the world and it means a lot to know he's not alone in his struggle.

If Nabeel Rajab is convicted on both charges he faces 18 years in prison. But he has told his son: "I have nothing to lose and I will not back down whatsoever happens."

On 22 May 2017, US President Donald Trump visited Bahrain during his first international tour. According to the Middle East Eye, the violent aftermath in Bahrain following President Trump's visit indicated his "repression of democracy in the Gulf".

In a letter published in the New York Times in the run-up to Trump's visit, Nabeel Rajab urgently expressed the need for help, saying US citizens "must all call for an end to the Trump administration's unconditional support for my country's misdeeds at home and abroad".

Adam Rajab reiterated this urgent need for international support: "I believe that without international pressure we will not see him walk out of prison anytime soon."

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