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Bahraini Family: Qatar Gave us More than Bahrain Did, We won't Leave even if we Abandon our Passports

2017-06-12 - 12:47 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini family of Qatari mother said that they will not leave Qatar, in response to a Bahraini decision imposed on all Bahrainis living in Qatar to return to Bahrain within 2 weeks.

Al-Jazeera channel broadcasted a report about this family, in which the Bahraini young man said, "I feel that this is my home more than Bahrain is. If staying and living here requires I abandon my Bahraini passport, then I'll be more than happy to do so. This country has given me more than my country (Bahrain) has."

"We found ourselves lost. We are separated from our children, and returning to Bahrain for no reason," his Qatari mother, Wafaa al-Waziri, said.

Al-Waziri's children hold the Bahraini nationality in accordance with Gulf laws. The Al-Jazeera report mentioned that the Gulf citizens had the right to travel and live anywhere they wanted in the GCC, and what passport they had did not matter at that time.

"Why should we be separated (while we are one family) because of politics?" wondered another member of the family.

Moreover, the report noted that there are more than 11 thousand Saudis, Bahrainis and Emiratis living in Qatar, and suddenly they became in a limbo, not knowing which country to consider home.

Bahrain had asked its citizens to leave Doha within 14 days after a decision to cut ties with Qatar.

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