Local Newspaper: Only One CT Scanner at Salmaniya Hospital Serving Bahrain

2017-08-30 - 2:49 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Ayyam newspaper said that the Department of Radiology at the Salmaniya Medical Complex urgently needs a computerized tomography machine known as the "CT scan", noting that there are only two devices of this type in the Salmaniya Medical Complex, one has been out of service for more than two months, causing pressure on the second device which is used for nuclear medicine.

The newspaper confirmed that some of the patients at the Salmaniya complex began to resort to the private sector, to guarantee taking this type of scan immediately without delay, since the physicians in Salmaniya insist on checking the x-rays when examining the patient, but the lengthy time between appointments hinders such a procedure.

According to a previous statement by the Department of Radiology at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the department performs daily during working hours about 660 scans of various types of radiation for patients, while this does not include emergencies. The staff takes approximately 20 to 30 MRI scans, and 60 to 70 CT scans, while 150 ultrasound examinations are performed per day.

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