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Health Ministry: There are 4 CT Scan Machines, Sufficient for Salmaniya Patients

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2017-08-31 - 3:15 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Health denied information stating there is only a single CT scan machine at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, the main hospital in the country, and denied claims that there is disruption of CT scanning for patients in need.

"There are Four CT scan machines, not one. There are 3 CT scan machines in the radiology department at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, in addition to a fourth CT scan machine in the Salmaniya compound's oncology department, as well as three magnetic resonance imaging devices in the Department of Radiology, adding that all these devices are all sufficient to cover the number of patients of the Salmaniya Medical Complex," said the Ministry.

"Among CT scan devices at the Salmaniya Medical Complex is a 128-slice multislice CT, which enjoys high resolution angiography and reduces waiting time of patients," it added.

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