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Health Ministry Abolishes Position of Assistant Undersecretary of Financial & Technical Resources Occupied by Naturalized Citizen Maher Al-Anees

2017-10-19 - 4:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Ministry of Health has canceled the position of Assistant Undersecretary for Financial and Technical Resources, which is occupied by the naturalized citizen Maher Al-Anees, as it was decided to merge his administration with that of the Assistant Undersecretary for Resources and Services, a post currently occupied by Fatima Abdul-Wahed, reported the local Al-Ayyam newspaper.

The newspaper added that the administration of hospital affairs, and administration of medical centers now all answer directly to the Health Minister's office, after they had been under the direction of the Ministry's undersecretary. Thus, the Undersecretary of Hospital Affairs Waleed Al-Mane' and all relevant departments directly answer to the Health Ministry's office. Mariam Al-Hajri, Assistant Undersecretary for Primary Care and Public health and everything related to the administration of health centers are also now directly overseen by the Minister of Health.

Bahrain Mirror had previously started an investigation into some cases of corruption in which Maher Al-Anees was involved.


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