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Wa’ad Describes Justice Ministry Accusations as “Sent”, Calls to Stop its Trial

2017-10-21 - 6:36 p

Bahrain Mirror: The National Democratic Action Society (Wa'ad) said that the Justice Ministry's lawsuit against it is "sent accusations in an attempt to target Wa'ad" and incriminate it in fabricated cases.

Appeals court is to hold on Sunday (October 22, 2017) Wa'ad's second cases to consider the decision to dissolve the society.

The society described the proceeding with Wa'ad's trial as "a trial of thoughts and intentions that only benefits enemies of reform, security and political détente and those who benefit from the crisis continuation."

Wa'ad stressed that "existence of political opposition is considered an essential need to any society that seeks reform, change and evolution (...) and that the attempt to undermine the opposition work, activism and remove it from the political equation is an undermining to the whole political process."

The National Democratic Action Society called on the Ministry of Justice to withdraw its lawsuit from the High Administrative Court and protect political work, being a part of the political process in Bahrain and a condition for sustainable development.

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