One to 3-Year Prison Terms Handed down to 9 Defendants over Assembly Charges in Sanabes

2018-01-02 - 9:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Fourth Criminal Court sentenced five defendants to three years in prison over charges of assembling in Sanabes, another to two and three others to one. The court also ordered the confiscation of the seized items.

The case papers indicate that on February 17, 2017, the defendants gathered in the Sanabis area and went out in a crowd of more than 100 people, carrying a number of Molotov cocktails, stones and iron bars, and blocking the highway. When police forces came to the scene to disperse them, they assaulted them, and an officer was injured in his left leg as a result. When the first lieutenant was arresting the first and second defendants, they assaulted him causing him an injury in his right hand and knee.

The Prosecutors' Office stated that the nine defendants on February 17, 2017:

  • First, physically assaulted a Public Security officer, while he was on duty by throwing stones at him, causing the injuries described in the reports.

  • Second, took part along with other unknown suspects in an assembly of more than five persons in a public place for the purpose of committing crimes, disrupting public security, using violence to achieve the purpose for which they were gathered to fulfil terrorist purposes.

  • Thirdly, acquired and had possession of flammable materials, Molotov cocktails, for the purpose of using them in endangering people's lives as well as public and private properties, in order to carry out a terrorist purpose.

The first and second accused were charged with the use of force and violence against the first lieutenant, the second victim, causing the injuries described in the medical report with the intention of unlawfully preventing him from performing his duty.

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