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Bahraini Citizen Resorts to France after Being Tortured in Police Station

2018-01-05 - 7:33 p

Bahrain Mirror: A Bahraini citizen resorted on (December 13, 2017) to France after being tortured and sexually harassed in a police station.

Younes Sultan (Brother of member of Bahrain Center for Human Rights, Mohammad Sultan) said that he was tortured in Hamad Town station. He was coerced to work and cooperate with the security agencies.

Sultan stated that an officer named Taher Al-Alawi and two other officers stripped him off his clothes, and sexually assaulted him. They also bet and kicked him on different parts of his body.

Officer Al-Alawi ordered the other officers to leave the room and take all Sultan's clothes away. Officer Al-Alawi resumed the investigations with Sultan while totally naked and threatened to accuse him of terrorist charges in case he refused to cooperate with the officer.

Yunes said that the officers told him he has 15 days to think about their offer and to come back to the police station to agree on the work mechanism. "I didn't go and refrained from answering their calls," he added.

He further stated that he received a call from Al-Alawi two days later saying: "are you afraid of me? A call at this time of the night would of course scare you, wouldn't it? Your deadline has finished"!

Younes said that he decided to leave for France on the same day for his safety and wellbeing.

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